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Photography for Balls and Dinners.

Our photographer/s would attend prior to commencement of pre-dinner reception, and take photographs of couples and or groups as they arrive. These photographs will be available for purchase once dinner is completed, and displayed for sale at £15.00 per 8" x 6" mounted print.


During the dinner we would photograph each table. These would not be returned the same evening, but would need to be ordered from our sales assistants at the table. These would also cost £15.00 each.

We would also take any photographs of speeches etc. if required, but we would ask for confirmation of this beforehand.


After the event all the images will be placed on our secure website shop for the guests to either view or purchase.


There is no attendance fee payable for the above service.



With Charity Ball exceeding 300 covers a donation to the charity will be made* after the event once the event expenses have been completed.





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